After a flurry of activity in the real world, we turn to my trusty blog once again for some circumspect introspection: "Eso te sucede negra por enamorar!" 

I've always been interested in the black Peruvians on the coast of Peru - they intermarried with the Incas (they jokingly call themselves Ingas, a mix of Inca and Mandingo) and formed one of the few cultures that is a mix of indigenous and African influences. Another one being of course, African American groups like the Black Seminoles, like some of my family. :) 

{music: Susana Baca, Zamba Malató. It's in Peruvian-accented Spanish and the lyrics are about a black woman who dances like a bird to get a man's attention. The final lyrics are translated "That's what you get for falling in love!"}

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